Body Fuel

In an age where AI and robots will be part of our life no latter than tomorrow, I would like to take some time to make you meditate on the absolutely most beautiful and complex living machine: our bodies. Each day I devote at least one piece of thinking to this: the body executes, each... Continue Reading →

Mind Fuel

Every Friday, after a weekly marathon of meetings, travelling, taking care of my babies, I ask myself the same question: how can I recharge the battery quickly? So, I wanted to share here a few strategies, depending on whether I need Body fuel or Mind fuel. Mental fatigue may have several causes: as a Womum, it's... Continue Reading →

Hide and seek

So if you read my post 4 weddings and a funeral, than you are now a champion of vital nurturing: seeking for all the small elements that bring vitality in our plates and bodies. But in order to become a black belt in this issue without spending 2000h of research, reading, comparing and recipe fostering,... Continue Reading →

4 weddings and a funeral

We all have seen this film at least for sexy Hugh Grant, right? Clue no 1: This post isn’t about the menu served during the film. It’s more about how we were taught to celebrate some non-vital stuff – such as carb, fats and proteins and berried the key ingredients of vitality: antioxidants, vitamins and... Continue Reading →

Chew baby, chew!

How many times haven’t you already heard that: meals need to last for at least 20 min in order for the brain to optimize food intake chewing slowely and a lot increases nutriment absorption and can even make you lose weight In just a few simple words – 29 exactly  - our brain needs time... Continue Reading →

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