How to fail successfully

PASS or FAIL… Now isn’t this a scary? … as a child, as a pupil, as an employee, as a manager, as a start upper, as a wife, as a parent, etc. So much of our everdyday energy is focused on getting a “PASS” as if our whole life was a big important exam. But... Continue Reading →

Forbidden to forbid

How many times in a WOmum’s life do we forbid, forget that we have forbidden, allow and forbid again? 🙂 But did you know that “It is forbidden to forbid” is one of the best 10 paradoxes of all times? My favorite definition of a paradox is “something that can drive mad anyone who wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Busier than @POTUS*

I imagine that all WOmums’ agendas (private and professional) look like mine: 1000 things to organize and foresee and some 1000 things that you didn’t / couldn’t foresee and will just have to manage (#goodenough). During my 1st years of professional life I didn’t care much about organizing things in advance. I think that’s definitely... Continue Reading →

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