The world’s most beautiful machine

In an age where AI and robots will be part of our life no latter than tomorrow, I would like to take some time to make you meditate on the absolutely most beautiful and complex living machine: our bodies.

Each day I devote at least one piece of thinking to this: the body executes, each second, trillions of operations that keep our systems functional and we’re not even aware of it.

As any machine, the body needs nourishing, cleansing and from time to time a revision. As any biochemical machine, it also needs sleep. So first of all, what is the best Body Fuel?

I have already written about the importance of nourishing our body with vital elements. This post mainly deals with the more global principles that may guide our daily nutrition.

1st: the body’s main fuel is food.

Eating – which unfortunately today doesn’t occupy a great place in our modern lives as we have delegated it to external suppliers (restaurants, fast foods, supermarkets, etc.)  – should be, by far, the most important act, of our daily life.

Of course, devoting 80% of our day to eating in particular as our ancestors did, is stupid. Instead, we should just make the effort of conscious eating:

  • Plan – with pleasure, if possible – the meals of the day ad try to plan them in order to have a well- balanced diet
  • Just eat: don’t read your emails, check Facebook, or drive while you’re eating. Just take the time to discover the pleasure you can get by the different flavors of your meal

In time, we all become what we eat: so the more we develop the art of conscious eating, the more you respect and nourish our bodies.

2nd: the body’s second most important fuel is water.

Water is not important for what is brings but for what it wipes out. The main role of water is not only to keep us hydrated.

(we’re actually “made of water” at 80% when we’re born and this percentages drops with age to reach 50 to 60% at the adult age).

It’s also to enhance our “waste management” systems functioning. And the better they work, the less our bodies are obstructed by toxins.

3rd the body’s third most important fuel is your mind.

We really need to understand that our BodyMind forms a whole that can’t be divided. Everything in our modern life pulls them apart. But in order to reach the optimal potential of ourselves, we do need to reunite them again.

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