Vacuum cleaning

A few days ago I talked to a WOmum friend of mine and she told me about this great acquisition she had made to vacuum all the house, something like the Lambourghini of all hoovers, terror of mites and hidden dust.I started thinking about how we often think to clean up our house, to take our car for a revision once a year, etc.

But we don’t seem to automatically think about regularly having a general “maintenance party” for our most precious beholding: our BodyMind. In the Buddhist tradition, our Body is a gift which is pledged to us but that we need to return in the end because our Body doesn’t belong to us.

Or, if we take only the mechanical logic “strico sensu”, we take our car into revision once a year, right? Of course we feed it on gasoline much more often (see Body Fuel), but once a year we take it to a specialist that will pump all the dirt out of it, review its main systems (engine, gearbox, etc.) and waoup it goes ready to take the road again…If we do it for our car, shouldn’t we do it for our BodyMind?

So, “How often do I vacuum clean my BodyMind?” seems a logical question.

WOmum’s wolrd is stresfull and full of noises. Noises of our ever roaring brain planning work meeting, hot dog parties, zoo visits and dance classes. Noises of our kids asking for this and that, for attention, for cookies, for hugs.

So when in the end we finally have some time to breathe (we are too tired to launch ourselves into a full detox programme (if you do that, bravo! Share it with us).

I will write a full post on in depth BodyMind Cleaning, but, I am not fully convinced of techniques likes fasting, detox cures, etc.  as I think that for the BodyMind to be constantly fit, we need simple rituals that we can easily put in practice all year long.

This is why my favorite BodyMind vacuum cleaning techniques are simple:

  • Turn your bath into a BodyMind ritual: I love to take a long bath during the weekend (my kinds away from home or sleeping). I use essential oils  to balance my BodyMind depending on my mood. I take a long time to float in the water and focus on the water only, forgetting everything else. Hot water (T>38°C) has several vertues :
    • accelerates blood circulation and the heart pump: this helps to maintain our cardiovascular system in a good shape (recent scientific reasearch compares the effect toa 30 min jogging)
    • reduces stress: serotonin (a hormone that helps us feel good), is liberated in greater quantity at heat
    • enhaces digestion: the increased temperature helps our digestive system to improve its functioning
    • helps immunity: especially if essential oils and salt are used (my favourite : one big spoon of rough sea salt and 15 to 20 drops of HE Eucalyptus Radiata)
  • Take a spa break from time to time : the big IF about spas is that in order to become “health rituals” techniques like massage, hammam, sauna need to be practised correctly.
  • Turn your dinner into a BodyMind detox moment: Instead of having a massive detox cure once a year, which I don’t recommend, it’s far easier to have a very simple meal once or twice a week. My favorite is simple steamed brown rice or carrot salad as a one and unique plate for my dinner. Of course When I wake up I’m a little hungry but this allows my Body to work on a lighter base for almost 12h, making it far more efficient in its vacuum cleaning process

So you see, with no big fancy techniques, you can constantly maintain your BodyMind clean and light.

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