Mind Fuel

Every Friday, after a weekly marathon of meetings, travelling, taking care of my babies, I ask myself the same question: how can I recharge the battery quickly?

So, I wanted to share here a few strategies, depending on whether I need Body fuel or Mind fuel.

Mental fatigue may have several causes: as a Womum, it’s often linked to the fact that we need to face too many demands at a time, on different lines. I’m sure that you all know this feeling of “too much” when going back home, you didn’t even have time to forget your day at work that you need to answer your daughter’s questions on the flying cars, the needs of your baby that has to be changed, has to eat and needs a hug and the your husband’s storytelling about his day and challenges at work.

Frankly, taking a long breath never worked on me, so I try to be sure that I have enough Mind Fuel. Here are some tricks :

  • The brain burns glucose: this is not a manifesto for sweets or junk food but lunch and the afternoon snack must contain complex sugars (wholegrain cereals). Avoid the fast sugars that unbalance the functioning of the digestive system
  • The synapses love fat: once again, good fat is essential for the organism. Omega 3 acids are essential because our bodies can’t produce it
  • For a rich and enjoyable Mind fuel snack: a handful of almonds, seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, fresh or dried fruits are the best options
  • In busy periods: supplement yourself. High quality products that nurture the Mind exist. Prefer those who are rich in omega 3/6/9 and in complex sugars. Do not confound energy complements (guarana, ginseng,etc.) with Mind fuel nutriments.
  • The mind needs dreaming and feeling: this is not about meditation (even if that’s a great tool for this). Much easier than that: allow yourself to dream to something completely out of the box at least 30s each day. Not only this encourages creativity, it can be quite fun. Also, all the 5 senses are driven by the mind: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching: in order to feed your mind you need to boost them (and being all day long in front of a computer isn’t that nurturing).
  • Never say no to a nap: the ideal is to take enough rest during a short period of time: the best naps are less than 30 minutes but they recharge you for the day.

Actually, before finishing my post : I had a snack of salmon and lentils (omega 3 and complex sugars), I took a 20 min nap and I took the freedom to share all my thoughts in this post : that’s goodenough as a Mind Fuel.

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