How to fail successfully

PASS or FAIL… Now isn’t this a scary? … as a child, as a pupil, as an employee, as a manager, as a start upper, as a wife, as a parent, etc.

So much of our everdyday energy is focused on getting a “PASS” as if our whole life was a big important exam.

But if we overcome the diktat of a society which, from the youngest age, stigmatizes “FAIL”, I dare say : “FAIL”, so what? And as I m a little bit rebel I overbid: “FAIL” is a must for success.

So, you see, it is very important to learn how to fail sucessfully.

Let me ask you this: what do we learn from our successes? Mainly, that we have succeded.

What do we learn from our failures? Everything else.

Of course, if we stop to “I failed”, failure is just another end. Instead of this, what if:

  • Failure was the occasion to learn : WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT FROM YOUR FAILURES?
    • About yourself : “I was too stressed for this presentation, next time I’ll relax before”
    • About the others : “I lost a big client and my boss stood by me (or not…)”
  • Failure was the occasion to improve: WHAT COULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY?
    • For Yourself: “When I’m too angry I don’t control myself correctly”
    • For the others : “When I fail I try to blame the members of my team”
  • Failure was the beginning: “I failed this time, but next time I’ll work on points A,B,C, etc.” START AGAIN!
  • Last but not least, failure may be the occasion to change; because, if you keep failing the same point over and over again, maybe it’s just time to do something else

Actually, failure encloses far more new possibilites than success. It allows us to test our strength of character, to become more resilient and to be more humble when we succeed.

Of course, I don’t encourage you to fail in everything. Like any powerful ingredient, “FAIL” is more benefic is small doses. But I think that the doses of failure shouldn’t be locked away or hidden in our subconsicent as a shame.

On the contrary, we should use all these situations where we weren’t on the top, polish them, make them shine and then show them to the entire world like precious diamonds : “Look, I failed successfully”.

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