4 weddings and a funeral

We all have seen this film at least for sexy Hugh Grant, right?

Clue no 1: This post isn’t about the menu served during the film. It’s more about how we were taught to celebrate some non-vital stuff – such as carb, fats and proteins and berried the key ingredients of vitality: antioxidants, vitamins and oligo elements.

 Let me recap quickly.

We are always told that carb, fats and proteins are the major components of food, which is true. All regimes focus on different combinations of these three, assumed to be more (or less) efficient for weight loss.

Clue no 2: this post isn’t about regimes either. When eating carb, fats and proteins our bodies’ main objective is to get energy to keep the machine going.  So these molecules are big, complex and abundant in foods.

And this is where we take the “big” and “many” for the “most important” when it actually isn’t. When I look in my lunch box I have another question in mind: how many vital ingredients does it contain?

Vital is a strong word: it evokes the capacity to maintain life… and, why not, to prevent illness.

And guess what? All these small molecules with barbaric names such as antioxidants, vitamins and oligo elements do exactly that.

Antioxidants, vitamins and oligo elements keep our body balanced and therefore they have different crucial functions such as:

digestion = make sure that we get the most out of our spinach salad (and cupcake desert of course!)

metabolism = make sure that our cells also get the best elements they need for their own internal cook (from the up mentioned cupcake our cells feed on glucose, from the steak they get the amino acids and from the salad sauce they languish for the fatty acids)

immunity = make sure that our body defenses stay strong

hormonal activity = I bet you never thought that the fired eggs you ate at lunch rhyme with a successful love night (eggs being rich in cholesterol and this last one being vital to our steroid / “love” hormones)

To sum up, our body optimizes its own systems if it gets vital ingredients and this results in you feeling like a goddess … on the condition of you providing those vital elements which are : antioxidants, vitamins and oligo elements.

The trick is, that the antioxidants, vitamins and oligo elements (see detailed guide here) are much more sensitive than carbs, protein and fat. They don’t necessarily like cooking (especially vitamins), long conservation, transformation (like industrial cooking), sun, heat, etc.

So, having a regime rich in these elements is quite a challenge unless you know:

  1. Where to find them
  2. How to evaluate their quality
  3. How much do we need to keep fit
  4. When and how to supplement yourself

Once you master these concepts, you can easily play with ingredients for a cooking full of colors, flavors and pleasure.

All my follwing posts to come will be dedicated to the 4 issues above.

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