Chew baby, chew!

How many times haven’t you already heard that:

  • meals need to last for at least 20 min in order for the brain to optimize food intake
  • chewing slowely and a lot increases nutriment absorption and can even make you lose weight

In just a few simple words – 29 exactly  – our brain needs time to realize not only that you are eating but also WHAT are you eating in order to be able to adjust the necessary digestion juices (from the stomach, the pancreas, the small intestine). All the dieticians agree that this enhances nutriment absorption, facilitates repletion and so diminishes the quantity of food consumed and finally, can help you to lose weight.

Fine and wise pieces of advice, but this is not for me. (#goodenough)

My meals have nothing to do with a Buddhist monk eating a hand of rough rice grains in the middle of the Himalayan.

Unless I am eating with friends – and in that case, as I love to talk, my meal is slow enough – most of my meals are hectic : I have either two kids to nourish in the same time, either a 10 minute break in between my office meetings; or, even worse, I’m starved and just feel like devouring anything eatable.

So, of course, if I won’t tell that to my dietician (to yours neither 😉 )

Here is how I manage the issue:

  • Have a quick break during the meal in order to do something nice: anything can be an excuse for it, depending on my environment (looking at a handsome man passing by, powder my nose, read an article on my phone, tidy the kitchen a little bit, etc.)
  • Eat something I love “meat” –  with something I like less – “spinach”
  • If I cook, I cut the ingredients in big pièces (so that I can’t swallow before I chew)
  • Dissociate

And if nothing works, than you’ll just have to buy this incredible gadget on Amazon: a connected fork that will beep each time you swallow too fast… beep beep beep…

If you have any other tips, take some time to share a comment below 🙂

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