The 9 commandements

The one best conclusion I arrived to after having successfully obtained my official naturopath diploma – that I use every day with my family – was the following:

Nature’s laws for staying fit and healthy are simple and universal…but they are immensely challenged by our modern way of living. This is why we need traditional medicines.

Nature’s laws of illness are very complex…and they are reinforced by our modern way of living. This is why we need doctors.

All traditional medicine systems – Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, Greek, even Martian if you like – are based on this one simple phrase:

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Meaning, that for your BodyMind to stay balanced and function as a whole, you need to keep them in good health. And good health means good balance.

Next, the laws of good health are immensely simple and obvious, based on “know yourself and respect your body”:

  1. Nourish your BodyMind with vital elements.
  2. Give your BodyMind enough rest.
  3. Keep your BodyMind fit and flexible (challenge yourself, train to think out of the box, shake your certainties, keep trying new activities, etc.)
  4. Clean up the BodyMind.
  5. Stay connected to nature.
  6. Don’t overwork.
  7. Stay connected with your social community.
  8. Laugh.
  9. Forgive and forget.

The trap with these simple and obvious principles is that respecting all of them leads to an ideal way of life far from the reality of the modern world, even further from that of a WOmum. So, as we feel that we can’t do it correctly, we just give before even trying to bring our way of life closer to this ideal.

Do I respect all the above every day of my life? NO.

But I do take care to respect them enough to keep a #goodenough balance.

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