Busier than @POTUS*

I imagine that all WOmums’ agendas (private and professional) look like mine: 1000 things to organize and foresee and some 1000 things that you didn’t / couldn’t foresee and will just have to manage (#goodenough).

During my 1st years of professional life I didn’t care much about organizing things in advance. I think that’s definitely something that becomes a must with the 1st little red crying pumpkin the nurses kindly put in your man’s arms at the maternity clinic.

Then all your life becomes a huge tetrice-like planning: pediatric visits, naps, meals, baths, dippers, sleep, joyriding and later on school, lunches (balanced and organic of course!), extracurricular activities, birthday parties, vacations, etc. all of it on the top of the professional trips and meetings, corporate cocktails, seeing friends, going to the gym and to the esthetician… you see what I mean?

I have the impression of constantly being “just in time” and / or “just out of time”!

At 1st I thought I could organize it all like on a perfect GANTT diagram. I tried so hard that I ended up by trying to control everything and finally failed. Lucky me! Because from this I learnt so many!

Check this out:

  • You can’t do it all even if the day lasted 48 hours. Paradoxical thinking is a very good way to learn how to conciliate the contraries
  • Instead reaction – action by precipitation – always take some time to clarify your decisions with yourself and only then, act
  • Balance your energy with the optimal nutriments

And, of course, always give yourself at the most of what you have available (and never of not of what you haven’t)

*President of the United States Twitter account


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