The 9 commandements

The one best conclusion I arrived to after having successfully obtained my official naturopath diploma – that I use every day with my family – was the following: Nature’s laws for staying fit and healthy are simple and universal…but they are immensely challenged by our modern way of living. This is why we need traditional... Continue Reading →

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Vacuum cleaning

A few days ago I talked to a WOmum friend of mine and she told me about this great acquisition she had made to vacuum all the house, something like the Lambourghini of all hoovers, terror of mites and hidden dust.I started thinking about how we often think to clean up our house, to take... Continue Reading →

Body Fuel

In an age where AI and robots will be part of our life no latter than tomorrow, I would like to take some time to make you meditate on the absolutely most beautiful and complex living machine: our bodies. Each day I devote at least one piece of thinking to this: the body executes, each... Continue Reading →

Mind Fuel

Every Friday, after a weekly marathon of meetings, travelling, taking care of my babies, I ask myself the same question: how can I recharge the battery quickly? So, I wanted to share here a few strategies, depending on whether I need Body fuel or Mind fuel. Mental fatigue may have several causes: as a Womum, it's... Continue Reading →

How to fail successfully

PASS or FAIL… Now isn’t this a scary? … as a child, as a pupil, as an employee, as a manager, as a start upper, as a wife, as a parent, etc. So much of our everdyday energy is focused on getting a “PASS” as if our whole life was a big important exam. But... Continue Reading →

Hide and seek

So if you read my post 4 weddings and a funeral, than you are now a champion of vital nurturing: seeking for all the small elements that bring vitality in our plates and bodies. But in order to become a black belt in this issue without spending 2000h of research, reading, comparing and recipe fostering,... Continue Reading →

4 weddings and a funeral

We all have seen this film at least for sexy Hugh Grant, right? Clue no 1: This post isn’t about the menu served during the film. It’s more about how we were taught to celebrate some non-vital stuff – such as carb, fats and proteins and berried the key ingredients of vitality: antioxidants, vitamins and... Continue Reading →

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